Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Bottombumpers One Size Side Snapping All in One Diaper Review

Our custom embroidered Bottombumpers diaper

For my very first cloth diaper review, I've chosen my Bottombumpers one-size side-snapping all-in-one diaper. I have a fairly sizeable stash and this is certainly our most beautiful diaper. Since I can't narrow down to just one favorite, I'd have to say it's in my top five. I've done a lot of research into different brands of cloth diapers and I bought this one because of it's uniquely ingenius design. Well, ok... and because it's cute. They also offer customization with wide selection of embroidery and choice of snap color. My diaper is lilac with lime green snaps and a cheerful floral peace sign embroidered on the back. Before ordering, I was concerned with wetness wicking through the embroidery. I asked about it and was assured by Bottombumpers that the embroidered area is wick-proof. They use rayon thread and sew an extra layer of waterproof fabric over the embroidered area. I have been using my diaper for several months now and have never had a leak of any kind.

I admit I am becoming a bit of a diaper snob. I am not a fan of one-size diapers with external front rise snaps. There are ways to make them look cute (using rainbow colors, for instance), but I think snaps take away from the overall appearance of a diaper at its largest setting. For that reason, most of my new diaper purchases have been from brands that feature adjustable leg elastics. Bottombumpers one-size diapers have rise snaps, but they are tucked away in the back of the diaper under the snap-in soaker. They are even color-coded so that there is no guess work in sizing the diaper. Sizing charts are available at the Bottombumpers website.

Bottombumpers are made with a side-snap closure. I wasn't always a fan of side-snaps because they are a little trickier to get on a wiggly baby. You have to bring the soaker up between baby's legs, fold the wings in and then snap the front of the diaper to the wings.  With practice; it gets easier. I have found that they make for a wonderfully smooth and trim fit across baby's belly. My Bottombumpers is not my trimmest diaper overall, but that is common with one-size diapers; especially on smaller babies.  My daughter is 6 months old and close to 16lb, so we are still on the smallest rise setting and second-to-smallest row of waist snaps.

Bottombumpers' inner is made from organic cotton and organic bamboo velour. These fabrics are soft, absorbent and easy to care for.  They do feel wet on baby's skin, but do not have the same issues with repellancy that synthetic microfibers and stay-dry fabrics have. And because the soaker unsnaps from the shell, I have more versatility in how I choose to dry my diaper. I can line dry both or dry them separately. I personally like to line-dry my shells to preserve their elastic and waterproof laminate coating. Drying time is exceptionally good on Bottombumpers diapers because the soaker is sewn in two "flaps." This allows water and air to flow through the diaper more easily during washing and drying.

Best yet, Bottombumpers are made in the USA. I've seen so many of my favorite diaper companies outsource to China and Egypt over the past few years and it's disappointing, to say the least. Especially since it was not followed by any reduction in the retail price of their diapers.  Bottombumpers are competetively priced and are no more expensive than other leading brands on the market.  Customization does run extra, but in my experience, it is well worth it to get a diaper that you will love.





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